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This controversial documentary film presents newly-analyzed evidence supporting the theory -  both plausible and fanciful at once - that the famed wigmaker Willy Clarkson was Jack the Ripper; and that he had the motive, expertise and opportunity to commit the historical tragedies that were the Whitechapel Murders. 

Using modern and historical animation as well as period documents and newspaper articles, the film is a compelling thought piece that leaves the viewer re-thinking an historical string of crimes from a new and intriguing perspective.

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The Reverend’s Secret Mission - A documentary examining the intersection between medicine, religion and popular culture; navigating the first half of the twentieth century through the eyes of Reverend Brian Hession, a clergyman, film-maker, writer and BBC commentator who turned his attention to cancer patient advocacy after receiving a fatal diagnosis of bowel cancer in 1954. Compared as a film-maker to greats as diverse as Martin Scorsese and Ed Wood, Reverend Hession lived his life and fought stigma with a ferocious tenacity, bringing his message to timeless historical figures like Eleanor Roosevelt and Queen Mary. Through it all, he never deviated from his underlying charge: “whatever our obstacles in life, never let them lick you.” He never did.

Told in a format that is more akin to a visual audiobook than a traditional narrative structure, The Reverend's Secret Mission brings the viewer on a journey of discovery. It is an experience not unlike sitting at home in a comfortable chair, lazily enjoying a long biography on a compelling figure you never knew, but are glad you now do.

Director - P. William Grimm


Arrival -> Departures - An uneasy experimental short film on grief and confusion arising from a loss that is aged and decrepit yet still very much alive.  An old airplane crash still lives deeply in the soul.  A film best described as sharp and disturbing. Not for the faint hearted.  

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Family Reunion - A short film that explores one man's reaction to an invitation to his family reunion.  Whiskey and doubt abound. 

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The Making of Trevor Burton's "Long Play" - An intimate fly-on-the-wall look at the making of the album "Long Play," a stark acoustic album released by the legendary Trevor Burton, co-founder of the UK's legendary sixties rock band, The Move.  


American Spy in Europe - From London to Amsterdam to a remote cabin in the forest, the American Spy must not only navigate life as a 21st century spy; he must also try to decipher love.   What does survival mean?