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In a Dadaesque homage to Donald Sobol’sEncyclopedia Brown series, or perhaps a Sobolesque homage to the Dada movement, Jex Blackwell Saves the World is not quite like any book one has ever read.  The main character is a sixteen-year old punk with a secret genius for medicine and an equal passion for music; but life in her native Los Angeles home- filled with dark, gritty city streets and strange, sometimes desperate characters - is not easy. 


Emancipated from her abusive parents at fourteen and graduating high school early the following year, Jex lives alone and can’t quite convince herself to go to college. Instead, she spends her days quietly tending to her job as a librarian’s assistant, and her nights tagging walls and running from cops. In between, she uses her photographic memory and encyclopedic knowledge of medicine to help ease the pain and help solve the medical mysteries of the disenfranchised and scared dwellers of L.A.’s dark nights, daring to venture where even some trauma doctors fear to go.  


Still trying to cope as a not-quite-adult in a massively adult world, Jex may not be able to save herself, but she is determined to at least save the world.

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Valencia Street includes twenty short stories, of love and hate, hope and despair, life and death, with some ghosts and hookers thrown in for good measure. It was produced in a limited edition, numbered set, but has not been released digitally. 


The Seventh is a story of love. It is no more and no less twisted than any story of genuine love can be, and is therefore filled to the brim with lust, betrayal, hope and perhaps even a touch of remorse. Or maybe more.